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Welcome to your next adventure…

What does your ideal adventure look like? Does it include learning some of the local language and having a meal with a host family?  Does it involve days of relaxation on a secluded beach?  Does it involved snorkeling with sea lions?  Does it involve surfing the break?  Whatever your adventure tastes, we can design a vacation that will keep you both energized and relaxed the entire time.  If you don’t know what kind of adventure you would like, we can take a different approach and interview you about your daily life and background – based on this data, we’ll design several experiences for you to choose from and you can pick the one that sounds most intriguing.  We have yet to disappoint a customer!

Our website is new, and therefore not completely filled out with information about many of our past adventures, but we’ve tried to fill it with some interesting commentary and content to spark your imagination.  Enjoy perusing and contact us when you’re ready to break out of the daily grind and start living!

Check out these pics/videos from our latest adventure:

Caribbean Iguana

Caribbean Iguana

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